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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Wood Grain Challenge

Wood You Be Mine?   Welcome! I’m back again, just in time for Amy Warden’s October Soap Challenge Club. The objective of this month’s challenge was to create a soap that looks like wood, specifically focusing on the grain of the wood itself. This month, we again had two categories in which to enter – Natural or Synthetic, and while the end […]

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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Dancing Funnel Challenge

Dancing Under the Tuscan Sun     Welcome! It’s August, and boy, oh boy is it HOT here in Colorado!  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love August in Colorado because it usually starts out hotter than a billy goat’s butt in a pepper patch, but gets cooler and cooler as every week goes by. […]

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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Pipe Divider Swirl Challenge

Breath of Scandal   Please accept my apologies in advance for the extremely long post. My intention was to create something with just the right amount of information – not too much to be overly repetitive for those currently in the competition, yet descriptive enough for those who want to learn the technique. I hope next time […]

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