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Felted Soaps
Dyed Alpaca Fleece
Cosmic Wave
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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club – Secret Swirl

Secret Life of Woad     Welcome! Time again for another edition of Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club. The challenge for March 2017 is a secret…the Secret Swirl to be exact. It was once again divided between two categories, this time one for Natural entries and the other for Synthetic entries. I will be entering the Natural category. Our guidelines […]

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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Cold Process + Melt & Pour Soap Designs

Blossoms of Hope   Welcome! Thank you for your interest in this month’s installment of Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club. For the February 2017 challenge, we were asked to combine two different soap making techniques – specifically cold process (CP) and melt & pour (MP) – and incorporate them into one batch of soap. The challenge will be divided between newbies (making soap for […]

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Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Collaborator Challenge

Fruit Loops & Fun!   Update 1/25/17 Whoo-hoo! Tied for First Place!!! A huge thank you to all that voted for us in this challenge! Your support means the world to both of us!     Welcome! Whoo-hooo! A brand new year and a brand new Soap Challenge. The January 2017 challenge for Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club was the […]

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