Archives for November 2016

Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club Cosmic Wave Challenge

Cosmic Sherbet Wave   Update 11/16/16 Whoo-hoo! Second Place!!! Thank you to all that voted for me in this challenge! Your support means the world to me!      Welcome! Can you believe we are nearing the end of 2016? What a year! Whether you are glad it is almost over or not, I am certain I […]

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Dye Alpaca, Dye!

Dyeing Alpaca Fleece with Kool-Aid and Wilton Icing Colors      With my latest fixation of creating soaps to enter into Amy Warden’s Soap Challenge Club, I have ended up with a lots and lots of soap, some pretty, some not so much. Those in the “Not So Much” category seem to be sitting on the […]

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